• Cameron Fischer

    Cameron Fischer

    Smooth player in rough waters
  • Connor MacLeod

    Connor MacLeod

    Singer, Fighter, Vampire.
  • David King

    David King

    The Least of the Tremere
  • Dr. Milton Reese

    Dr. Milton Reese

    Tremere Hematologist with a remedy for problems at hand
  • Eurice Bacon

    Eurice Bacon

    The Nosferatu Sherrif of Toronto is seldom seen in Elysium - or anywhere, really.
  • Gordon Oaks

    Gordon Oaks

    Keeper of Elysium
  • Jason Cartwright

    Jason Cartwright

    Twisted and dark, Jason cuts a dashing, hideous figure of the dandiest corpse you ever did see.
  • Jeanette Anders

    Jeanette Anders

    Established Malkavian hostess and Arbiter of good taste, Mrs. Anders knows how to arrange every little thing just so to bring out the best in everything she sees.
  • John


    The tall, approachable, unassuming Malkavian Primogen
  • Juliet "Cleopatra" Mintz

    Juliet "Cleopatra" Mintz

    Former superstar actress and gossip-queen, tossed from the figurative sewer to the physical sewer
  • Lucy D'Ailleurs

    Lucy D'Ailleurs

    Tremere Southern Belle with one eye on Elysium and the othe fixed on you
  • Mattieu Laurent

    Mattieu Laurent

    The Ventrue Prince of Toronto
  • Rachael Boursier

    Rachael Boursier

    Rough, crude and trying a little too hard to not care, Rachael is the tough, mocking face of the Gangrel pair
  • Ralph Pinker

    Ralph Pinker

    Toreador Play-boy
  • Richard Tanaka

    Richard Tanaka

    Tremere v. 2.0
  • Sally Embers

    Sally Embers

    The shy, enigmatic sire of Connor MacLeod
  • Sascha Gleeson

    Sascha Gleeson

    Toreador Harpy with Claws
  • Simone Porter

    Simone Porter

    The Prince's Whip
  • Tabitha Chang

    Tabitha Chang

    Graceful and friendly, until she isn't
  • Thomas Borden

    Thomas Borden

    One of Toronto's more affable residents, Tommy is always happy to help a friend in need
  • Vincent van de Groot

    Vincent van de Groot

    Tremere Primogen