Cameron Fischer

Smooth player in rough waters


Known Childe of Simone Porter
No known Childer

To say Cameron is a smooth looker is an understatement. He clearly spends a fortune on clothes, hair, cars – anything to look the part of a hot-shot Ventrue on the make. With a look, a lingo and an attitude straight from the bay-street corporate back-rooms, Cameron Fischer is clearly gunning to carve a quick place for himself in Toronto society.


While the Childe of Simone Porter had been off to a promising start, things have recently taken a tumble from the worse to the disasterous. While word of his effectiveness in spreading his sire’s tendrils into the new reality of multi-national corporate medial spreads, chatter of some disastrous missteps in Elysium have spread faster.

Increasingly isolated and facing a growing legion of enemies from personal slights and insults, Camperon recently nonetheless showed that he has fangs of his own in a turn-around victory against some of his adversaries – though, as the dust settles, its hard to see anyone ahead.

Cameron Fischer

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