Connor MacLeod

Singer, Fighter, Vampire.


Connor MacLeod, average height and Medium build although not an inch of fat anywhere on him.
He walks around looking often downcast unless in the presence of his sire and girlfriend Sally.


He was an upcoming star in the underworld boxing ring with a hot girl and a good swing things were looking up, and then was his match with Ralph Pinker. Although he nearly knocked him out There is only so much a mortal can do against a Kindred and took a would be fatal blow to the head if not for Sally. Dazed and confused MacLeod received the embrace While Bleeding out and waiting for the ambulance, and things have never been the same for him since. as of now he currently resides in Brampton due to another almost fatal incident where he tries to start up again although he does have the help of the other Brampton Caitiff.

Connor MacLeod

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