David King

The Least of the Tremere


Sire : Lucy D’Ailleurs
Childer : None known

David King is a short man. He has light brown hair, a square jaw and brown eyes and would be quite handsome – if only someone could stretch him out. He wears the formal attire expected of one of his Clan and lineage, he is, after all, grande childe of the Primogen.

He has a sardonic wit which can get him into trouble, but can affect flawless manners if necessary. His entire demeanor and dress give Kindred society little to fault save his size which, after all, is hardly worthy gossip. Or, as his sire’s rival harpies like to think, simply makes him a more delightful challenge.


David King was formerly a ghoul – one who proved effective enough, evidently, to merit the embrace. Currently he struggles in against the hardened claws of the Harpies to find a place in polite Kindred society.

David King

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