Dr. Milton Reese

Tremere Hematologist with a remedy for problems at hand


Sire : Unknown
Childer : Richard Tanaka

Slight of build, with an unassuming appearance, Dr. Reese looks every inch the archaic, reclusive and out-of-touch professor the students of the University of Toronto believe the brilliant doctor to be.

Preferring clothes which allow him to blend into the academic milieu, Dr. Reese likewise affects a scholarly tone, vocabulary and mannerism.


Dr. Reese is known to be originally from England, having come down from Oxford some time in the nineteenth century.

Now, as part of the Toronto Chantry, he has joined a large network of kindred in seeking a cure for the horrific HIV epidemic which threatens the blood supply throughout the world. His efforts in shepherding Canadian scholarship in this field, not to mention his own work, has drawn notice in august circles in other cities. Or so goes the word.

Dr. Milton Reese

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