Jeanette Anders

Established Malkavian hostess and Arbiter of good taste, Mrs. Anders knows how to arrange every little thing just so to bring out the best in everything she sees.


Sire unknown
Childer : Remok Tor

Always pretty and proper, Mrs. Anders has a way with fashion matched by few, deftly able to change her hair, clothing and even face to whatever she feels with “give her the better view.”

She seems to delight in taking the face of those whose taste catches her fancy, but her delightful and proper demeanor never fails to shine through.

Just ask anyone.


Mrs Jeanette Anders is the sweet apple pie of the Toronto kindred. Often affecting the social graces of a genteel 1950’s housewife, she sometimes titters that she is who Martha Stewart should have been, if the daft girl had had any sense. A right little rainbow on a cloudy day, Mrs. Anders revels in making life all the brighter for her fellow kindred and has established a true taste for life.

Her several restaurants and home-decor stores are the talk of the town for Toronto’s new bourgeoisie, and her cooking classes the toast of Toronto’s kindred. With a knack for flavour, her classes always offer nothing but the most rarefied and succulent refreshments to their patrons.

Pretty, in a modest and personable way that is all her own, Mrs. Anders nonetheless insists that she keeps something of all of her, ah, students with her and this occasionally includes a face, voice, or, as she likes to say, their point of view.

Mrs. Anders is the sire of Remok Tor. Having followed him for months, at least, she slowly took the place of most of the women in his life, “enrolling” them in her classes and insisting that they had helped her see for certain that he was the One. She seems utterly enamoured with her dear childe, and dotes on him constantly.

Jeanette Anders

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