Lucy D'Ailleurs

Tremere Southern Belle with one eye on Elysium and the othe fixed on you


Sire : Vicnent Van Groot, Primogen of Clan Tremere
Childer : David King

Tall, beautiful and charming, Lucy moves effortlessly through the halls of high society with a long-practiced grace. She prefers clothing of a more classic bent, eschewing the newer and flashier attire of many of her peers for the fanciful frooferie of a more “civilized” time and place.

With a pleasant southern drawl and ready wit, she always has a smile on her lips and steel in her eyes.


Lucy D’Ailleurs is the elder childe of the Tremere Primogen, and as such is seen as speaking with his voice in his absence. As the venerable primogen is an infrequent patron of the salons, his childe’s smiles and barbs carry the friendship and enmity of House and Clan.

Now, however, she faces the considerable challenge of shepherding her childe, David King, into polite society, which is no mean feat. As a dwarf, he was already at a disadvantage and now competitors smell blood.

Lucy D'Ailleurs

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