Rachael Boursier

Rough, crude and trying a little too hard to not care, Rachael is the tough, mocking face of the Gangrel pair


Rachel insists that she’s tall, and at 5’10" she’s not far off, even by today’s standards. Her rough-cut hair is seldom styled or coloured away from its flat dirty-blonde. Pale, relatively good looking and entirely too happy to be up to any good, Rachel Boursier sports thrift-store non-chic and tough working man’s clothes, though she’s prone to unpredictable wardrobe changes when just the right piece falls into her lap.


Rachel is the elder of the Gangrel pair. If someone is so fortunate as to hold her attention for a conversation, they’ll find her happy an enthusiastic lover of fast cars, fast boats, hard-thrills and eager to off her handiness at all of the above.

Boursier also has a deep hatred for the Sabbat – a personal loathing bred from life and loss in the path of Sabbat expansion.

Rachael Boursier

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