Raoul DeJean

Academic Gangrel


Raoul is a scruffy looking man in his early 30s, Average height, with a thin build that makes him look taller. An educated man Raoul always has the look about him as if he thinking intently about something, whither its his long term plans for taking down the Sabbat or what kind of food the dogs will need; only he knows.


Raoul was once a lawyer, trying to stop “The Man” from destroying the planet, with one protest and lawsuit at a time. now he is a Vampire, trying to stop other worse vampires from destroying, Man, plant and animal alike; because yeah, they actually do that and we have to stop them, or at least that’s what his Sire told him, and what he has seen has not disproven it. Originally from thunder bay; DeJean and the other kindred of the Thunder Bay area Princedom, have fought a losing battle trying to hold the area. Now, as far as he knows, DeJean and his Mentor are the only survivors. Biding their time in Toronto all they can do is wait for the opportunity for a counter attack.

Raoul DeJean

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