Richard Tanaka

Tremere v. 2.0


Sire : Dr. Milton Reese
Childer : None known

Richard Tanaka appears to be the same baby-faced Grad student he was upon his Embrace. He adopts a dignified, quiet mannerism, patiently waiting for his turn to offer concise, polite answers to questions, ceding social space where-ever possible.

He is of Asian descent, has a youthful haircut and thick-rimmed glasses, a slender frame and unremarkable features. He wears muted colours.


Tanaka is known to be a recent Embrace, still unreleased. He is a graduate of the University of Waterloo, and is known to be proficient with the newer variants of electric computational devices, and the international information network, or whatever they call this new devilry.

Richard Tanaka

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