Sally Embers

The shy, enigmatic sire of Connor MacLeod


Slight and shy with blazing red hair and cautious eyes, Sally somehow ended up as defacto leader of the city’s Caitiff, despite her timid, quiet demeanor. Observant, quick and normally calm, she often shows a shocking degree of insight at the strangest times.


Sally Embers was torn from her life by an ambush six months ago. Cold and alone, she nonetheless managed to survive and find her way to the city’s other thin-bloods.

Desperate to find some tenuous reconnection to humanity, she found herself drawn to the handsome and charming Connor MacLeod, a singer and boxer who was easy to be around and never asked too many questions. Their budding romance was almost cut to the quick by a fight gone horribly wrong, and Sally, true to fairy-tale fashion, saved her prince with a kiss.

Now with eyes opened to the truth of the Camarilla, Sally finds herself pulled between her old band of survivors, her ever-stronger feelings for Connor and her new patron.

Sally Embers

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