...Closer; Through the eyes of Raoul

1st Entry

Well what was supposed to be an easy day at the office turned out to be another one of “those days”.
While I do not mind rallys and protests, tying myself to a tree and staying overnight…not so keen on that one.
It was off to a bad start when Emma insisted we all wear the same getup and then we all crammed into Bert’s
“old as dirt Small-mobile”, good thing I’m not claustrophobic. so we get to the site where the loggers are going to start
on the trees; that were until recently part of a reserve, and then we proceed to tie ourselves to to the biggest Trees at the edge of the forest.
A few hours latter, Emma who insisted on our attire proceeds to ask us if someone had thought of bringing food…or
Keys for these chains. Ladies and gentlemen I give you, our quartermaster.

Time passes, the loggers go home, the other protesters (who didn’t tie themselves to trees) go home, and we three are
having a jolly old time in the cold dark forest. oh well I guess this was a necessary Step to saving what was once a reserve,
I do look forward to looking into the logging contract, as its timing and location smell of Corruption and bribery.
As the night rolled on it was my turn to stand watch, at first it was dull yet peaceful, and then something moved in the bushes.
I was going to wake up my companions when this figure approached, at first I thought it was a wolf but, no…it was defiantly
human except for the eyes, this pair of glowing red eyes stared at me from the darkness. I did not panic, but i did frantically
look around for something with which to free myself with to, yet no avail. there were other figures too they spoke saying: “is this the one?”
“yes, he should do nicely” the man with the glowing eyes responded. He looked at me and said: survive two weeks then we shall see
and with that he lunged at me and I felt myself grow very cold.
at first I felt nothing but Cold blackness and then something stirred from within, it started as a spark and grew to a bonfire.
I then, well what I can only describe as waking up, did so with a start. around me my friends and I were now free, and I felt a hunger,
I felt an Uncontrollable Hunger, and it was directed at my friends, I had no power to resist and so i pounced at Bert and it all came so naturally.
First the Fangs, and then I fed. the hunger dimmed but was still there Growling, Emma looked on in petrified horror unable to scream,
the last thing she saw was me standing up and Leaping to Fed upon her as i had done to our friend, and then it was over.
I stood up from the bloodless corpses of my friends and roared as i had never done so before, and i knew, instinctively that I was a vampire.

2nd Entry

Well, the first thing I felt was giult shame and horror at the fact that I
had just killed my friends and co-workers in what can only be described as
a blood rage (later I found out that the term is frenzy but I prefer mine better).
the second thing I thought was where the hell am I going to hold up for 2 weeks?
and so i fled the scene and never looked back. the two weeks werent as hard as I
would have thought, the tricky part was keeping my head low as the police listed me
as a missing person. Still not a bad two weeks after the first evening. on the final evening
I was just finished taking a bath in a stream in the forest (after finding out that cold didnt bother me much
anymore) when this guy showed up, at first i didnt recognize him and then it hit me. this was
the man who turned me into what i am now, he congratulated me on my success surviving
and granted to answer three questions i may have. the lawyer in me took over
the first question was : do we belong to an organization?
the second was : do I now have duties to this organization?
he answered both, and seemed disapointed that my first thought was am i duty bound somhow
my last question seemed to change his mood for the better when I asked “what now?”
He smiled and said, “And now, We Fight the Sabbat!”

And so we fought the sabbat, we fought them for months. they kept coming, unrelenting, until it was only me and Auldrich, and many more sabbat left. so we had to leave.
We headed to Toronto to regroup and met the other local Gangrels.
Rachel Borcia and Tabatha Chang; Sire & Childe, and also lovers. these two told me a few things about the other clans, “yeah, the prissy gay ones. their the Toreador” “The Pretentious gay ones are the Ventrue”
“the Angry gay ones are the Brujah” “and there is nothing wrong with the Malkavians [but seriously, their fucked up]” While this opinion is taken with heaping amounts of salt its more then i knew before.

Those Malkavian guys sound wierd.

...Closer; Through the eyes of Raoul

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