Gordon Oaks

Keeper of Elysium


Gordon Oaks is would have been an average looking man – brown hair, brown eyes, strong, but not in the handsome, sculpted way. He speaks slowly with a deep baritone, and with a neatly groomed mustache and sideburns, looks every inch the gentleman soldier, sharp jacket about his shoulders and sabre at his side.

Outside the walls of Elysium, he tones down appearances, affecting the look of a crisp plain clothes mountie, stetsen, pressed jacket and colt to complete the set.


Gordon Oaks is the Bruja Keeper of Elysium, and tries to grind a smooth, sharp edge to his clan’s image. He is unflappably polite to visitors, and keep himself neutral to most of the gossip and sniping of guests and resident, the better to arbitrate irritants and keep order.

The power of his fury when fully instigated certainly does help ensure people return his civility in kind.

He is known to be partial to more traditional paintings and theater, but is meticulously knowledgeable of the city’s arts scene as well as hospitality in general, the better to smooth the nights for the fortunate favourites and guests of the prince – or else not so lucky.

Gordon Oaks

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