Remok Tor

Malakavan Gambling Vampire


Remok Toral (Tor) is man of middling height and build, with naturally brown hair and light brown eyes, with sensitive hands and an expressive face. These days, he wears a long overcoat, sunglasses and a high color, though he has warn many guises before. He also has dyed his hair darker (almost black) and wears contacts that turn his eyes blue, as well as something that darkens his skin. His clothing is always perfectly neat and his hair just so.


Remok is man obsessed with rules and and knowing how things intangible things function: people, emotions, drive, and most recently the rules of chance. He is consummate liar, who is so good because at some level he believes everything is a liar…and so everything is also true at some level. He spent a great deal of time as a con artist, but only cheated those who prayed on others: corrupt official, predatory lenders, con artist themselves. During this time he tried his best to learn the rules of people.. and eventually did, growing bored, even as he grew wealthy. Eventually, he left for Canada, with his friend and body guard, Tiger Ray and decided to learn a new set of rules: the rules of chance. He trained himself as an excellent poker player, ever seeking to learn, to know, to take a risk and find the truth… to see.

And now he has a chance….apparently for all eternity.

Remok Tor

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